Sept 5th / 6th 2015
Buxton Pavilion Gardens

Photography's Easy - Creativity Isn't! - NOW FULLY BOOKED!

With Paul Hill and Maria Falconer - Buxton Pavilion Gardens- Sept. 5th and 6th.

The Theme

In the last 5 years the practice of photography has exploded. In 2014 we uploaded a phenomenal1.8 billion images to social media sites every day. More photographs are being made in one day than in its first 100 years of its history!
The arrival of the digital camera - especially the smartphone - has turned photography on its head. The rapid advance of digital technology has driven prices down and camera capabilities up - making the process of photography affordable and accessible to a much wider public. Today, everyone is a photographer.

But here's the question - How many of these billions of photographs are really of interest? How many are we likely to remember? How many are really creative?

You can't make interesting pictures just by having a decent camera, or by using a scattergun approach to photography. Creativity is not something you can 'add on' like an Instagram filter, and all the post-production in the world can't make a dull photograph engaging.

Creative photography is about seeing, communicating and expressing ideas - It's about going beyond the obvious and making something different. It is about letting go of the clichés, taking risks and exploring new ways to work.

The Workshop

During this weekend workshop in the beautiful and historic spa town of Buxton, Paul and Maria will lead you on an exciting adventure of imaginative image making.

You will be guided through a series of photographic exercises designed to inspire, stimulate and challenge you. And there will be space to experiment with new ideas and approaches in a friendly and supportive environment.

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced photographer or new to the medium, this workshop welcomes a rich mix of enthusiastic participants.

And for those who wish, there will also be an opportunity for feedback on any work that you may like to bring along with you.

The Location

The Romans were attracted to Buxton by the warm springs that emerge near the River Wye. They built baths here and for centuries these springs have been a major source of importance and income for the town. On the edge of the Peak National Park, Buxton is full of grand buildings built in the 18th century in an attempt to compete with Bath for spa treatments and leisure. Our workshop will be based in the recently upgraded conference and exhibition centre next to the magnificent 23 acres of gardens established in 1871.

Although probably best known for producing Buxton Water, the town has gained prominence in recent years through its summer international arts festival, and becoming a large campus of the University of Derby.

The Tutors

Awarded an MBE for his services to photography, Paul is the originator of photographic workshops in the UK. An influential teacher, he has published several books and exhibited all over the world.

Maria is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, holds and MA in Photography, is a qualified teacher and her commercial work has been published in The Guardian, The Times, The Glasgow Herald and The Scotsman.


Two day workshop - 9.30 - 5 pm - £145

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If you require accommodation you can find a list on the tourist information site here.

If you have any questions or would simply like a chat about the workshop, please don't hesitate to contact either of us -

Maria - email / mobile 07740 985 887
Paul - email / mobile 07977 700 274

We would be delighted to hear from you.

This workshop is now full but new workshops will be coming soon. You can sign up for advance notification below!

For a glimpse of how we work - take a look at this short video of our most recent workshop in France!

The Photographers Place 1976 to 1996

The fabled Photographers Place was the first residential photography workshop in Britain and ran in the the Peak District of Derbyshire for 20 years.

The most renowned photographers of that era gave master classes there and many of today‘s contemporary photographers have been influenced by attending those workshops.


Sept 5/6;

Buxton Pavilion Gardens



One-to-One Tuition & On Location with Paul Hill.

Paul has been teaching photography for many decades in higher education and was the first professor of photographic practice in a British university. He created the famous Photographers‘ Place group workshops in Derbyshire and has specialised in one-to-one mentoring...


"First Class course! Excellent tuition, friendly tutors and great group!" Graham Bridgeman-Clarke

"I would highly recommend the workshop and both Paul and Maria who are a fantastic team. An amazing experience and group of people to laugh, have fun with and learn from." Gerry Atkinson

"Just wonderful. Such a pleasant experience in a truly magical environment. Everyone walks away rejuvenated and a with a new outlook on photography" Beverly Orr

"Paul and Maria make a really great team!" Dilys Evans

"Great photography, great teaching and a bunch of very nice people. Paul and Maria really know how to impart information in a sympathetic and memorable way"Ian Jeffries

"Absolutely Brilliant - Learned more in a week than a whole year on my university course!" Jane - Lakes workshop

"Really good fun and friendly, Paul and Maria made learning so much fun, and the rest of the group were very keen to share their knowledge and experience too!" Simon Priestly

"Loved the workshop - very inspirational, can't wait to come back for another one!" Kat Morgan

"Great two days, learned so much! Both Paul and Maria are inspiring teachers" Sue Willoughby

"A dream team: Paul and Maria are perfectly complimentary and allow their very different work to inspire rather than impress, although of course it does that too. Their sympathetic but incisive critiques are especially helpful and transformative. What a fabulous experience." Jennifer Simmonds

"Everything about the workshop I found to be an entirely positive experience" Peter Evans

"The balance of listening, learning and doing is just right and adapted to the skills of the participants" Mark Wheeler

"Really made me think about what I was photographing. An excellent forum in which to experiment and play with image making." Michael Whitehouse

"Totally absorbing, excellent learning experience, superbly orchestrated and delivered" Sarah Cummins

"Great to spend the weekend with like minded people, led by the inspirational Paul and Maria, Thanks." Heather Nelson

"I knew that I would be inspired to look at things differently, and this turned out to be true and positive. Thank you both." Paul Child

"Supportive advice in a friendly atmosphere." Paul Hollin

"Relaxed, friendly group. Relaxed, friendly and inspiring teachers. Comfortable accommodation and superb food. Learned a lot and would not hesitate to recommend to photographers at all levels" Jennifer Roberts

"Learning how to create a story with photographs has transformed my seeing eye" Jeanette Thompson

"A wonderful experience" Kathie Scarrah

"Simply Superb!" Roger Lee